Quilted Layette Blankets

“I was forever trying to find the perfect blanket to swaddle my baby in. Then I was given a Hand Maid Foot Prince quilted layette blanket, it was perfect! It became a critical part of my routine and helped my babies sleep for longer periods of time. I loved these blankets so much that I had several for back up. Hand Maid Foot Prince blankets are the best!” – Amanda, mother of three

Vintage Quilted Layette Blanket
$58.00 USD
Quilted Layette Blanket with Vintage Print
Monkey Quilted Layette Blanket
$58.00 USD
Quilted Layette Blanket with Monkey Print

This very special blanket is the workhorse of baby blankets. Its many uses include swaddling in cooler climates, crib blanket, stroller blanket, play surface and more! Each blanket is individually quilted before being made, which ensures that the two layers stay together and don’t warp.

  • Premium 100% Cotton Flannel – pre-washed to keep its perfect size and shape.
  • Approx 42” Square
  • Please wash in cold water to conserve energy. Dry low and pull out of dryer slightly damp to reduce creasing. Do not over dry. Iron if you have time or want to.

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