Our Story

It was during that year that Linda perfected the Swaddling Blanket and started development of the Quilted Layette Blanket. Linda soon found herself sewing them as gifts for friends and family. Everyone loved them and asked for more for themselves, or to give away as gifts.

After numerous requests for coordinating burp cloths, Linda started developing prototypes for the very best burp cloth. It had to be just the right size, but still cute. After the introduction of her third son in 2007 (which brought opportunity to test burp cloths) the Spat! – the best ever cutest burp cloth – came to be.

Linda is now ready to start sharing what Hand Maid Foot Prince babies and moms say are the best baby blankets and burp cloths. Hand made by Linda in her basement with the same love and care as she was making them for her own babies.